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Argentina primeira b

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Rebaixa para. Club Atlético Temperley. Argentino de Banfield. Artigos sem imagens! Nueva Chicago. Dock Sud Grande Buenos Aires. Argentina primeira b Argentina primeira b Argentina primeira b

Argentina primeira b liga dos campeoes wiki

This season was also the first "Superliga Argentina", organised by the homonymous entity, that is administrated argentina and has its own statute. Andrew's Primeira School as one of its board members. This change primeira about a revolution in Argentina football, as small teams, like Estudiantes de La Plata at first, and Vélez SarsfieldChacarita Juniors and others in v years, broke down the argetnina of the five clubs who had won all the championships up to that date. From August to Junethe Superliga primeira being contested by 26 teams. However, inthe tournaments were separated. Although the old system was reused primeirathe separation was argentina again in and was adopted primeiar the remaining Metropolitano and Nacional era. No argentina team besides them had won the league championship in these 36 years. The Metropolitano and Nacional became two truly individual tournaments. Teams placed from 2nd to 9th qualify to play arbentina "Torneo Reducido", a small tournament in a double knock-out stage. Therefore, the AFA focused exclusively in the Argentina national teams. No teams were relegated at the end of the championship. Main article: Copa Campeonato Once Inicial primeira Argentinz tournaments have finished, argentina winners had to play a match for the Copa Campeonato primeira known as Superfinal.


  1. Those 10 teams, with the addition of the 20 clubs currently participating in the top division, qualified to contest the next season.

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